Bubbleball Status Candle


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A beautiful Soya Candle dressed up in a candle jar that exudes a beautiful timeless classic feel. This beautiful candle has to be seen to fully appreciate its beauty. Great for weddings, corporate gifts or any kind of gift especially for those special loved ones in your life.

Made from a beautiful creamy Soy Wax, a textile grade cotton all-natural, Zinc & Lead-free wick which burns clean and is less prone to mushrooming.

A beautiful good quality full fragrant oil is added so your candle will smell just as wonderful towards the end as it did the first day you brought it home.

This beautiful  Candle has 2 wicks very better burn rate

Each candle is poured to order as it gives your candle a longer-lasting scent but this does not mean you will have to wait longer to receive this little gem.

Each candle is beautifully gifted packaged and can be gift wrapped on request.

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Angel Fragrance, Forbidden Fantasy, Passionfruit Fragrance, Rosewood & Musk Fragrance, Creme Brulee Fragrance, Frangipani Fragrance, Sweet Pea Fragrance, Seduction Fragrance, Fairy Dust Fragrance, Energy Fragrance, Dragon's Blood Fragrance, Bubblegum Fragrance, Bombshell Fragrance, Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance, Black Jasmine Truffle & Lavender Fragrance, Bite Me Fragrance, Berries & White Chocolate Fragrance, Angel Wings Fragrance, Black Orchid Fragrance, Almond Fragrance, Milk Chocolate Fragrance, Fresh Coffee Fragrance, Misbehavin’ Fragrance, Monkey Farts Fragrance, Lemon Meringue Pie Fragrance, Whiskey, Wood-Smoke & Leather Fragrance, Pineapple Lumps Fragrance, Pink Prosecco Fragrance, English Garden Fragrance, Strawberry Fragrance, Pink Peony Fragrance, Marshmellow Fragrance, Vanilla Fragrance, Apple Cinnamon Fragrance, Reindeer Poo Fragrance, Red Velvet Cake Fragrance


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